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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My reply to drug testing for folks on Welfare

The point I am making is how does this help us be a more Christlike people-it does not it only forces us-hhmmmm who else wanted to force us?
btw it is all God's Money-why are you so concerned about how it is spent by people? is that not their Free agency? Do you wish to remove that from them? All the High Priests in my ward huff and puff about where the world is going and how Mitt is going to save the world from Obama care but not one of them will stop and help someone who needs it-I have heard it said, well that is why we have the Church welfare system-like that is supposed to alleviate our personal responsibility to take care of our fellow man.
You think I don't understand economics or something? Of course it takes taxes to help these people-if you really want to stop contributing to these 'the least of these, my brethren" then move to a third world country. When the 12 disciples saw the blind man, they asked the savior "who sinned here?"-assuming of course if we can see the sin then we can lay blame. Stop looking to lay blame, help those people and start acting like a Mormon and Christians. No wonder people don't think we are Christians-we don't act like our Savior unless it helps our pocketbook?-oh mercy me!

When we do cross the veil and we have a final PPI with our Saviour who ALREADY paid all our taxes-do you really think he is going to ask what we did for a living and if we got enough funding as an entrepreneur? No he is going to ask how we treated our Loved ones and how we treated our fellow man-what are you going to say,,, well I didn't want to help anyone on welfare because I was afraid it was going to make me pay more taxes?? Let what belongs to Caeser belong to Caeser! I am going to stop following this thread now because it is getting my Dander up and that is the realm of Satan so good luck all-I am going to post this on my blog., http://goodharveydog.blogspot.com/

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  1. While I agree we need to help our fellowmen, I think there are other systems that would/could be more helpful. One of the things I do like about the church welfare program is that unless it is an emergency is isn't a hand out. God expects us to do all we can to help ourselves. The church program does ask that we do all we can to have what we need. While not everyone on government welfare is lazy or doing nothing, there has been a large number or people who abuse the system. In my own extended family I have had people wait to get married because welfare will pay for the kid if they aren't married, thus they don't have to. Why get a job when I can earn more on welfare than at that job. My brother lost his job at ATK a few years back. He eventually had to take a pay cut and find a job to do. It wasn't his first choice or his dream job. But he knew it was his responsibility to do all he could, so he took the job, and got off the system. His wife has to work as well, but they have the peace of knowing they are doing all they can.

    I think most of us against the present welfare system, have it because of just this. My sister has mentioned many times, that she takes her kids to the doctor when they need it. Because it costs. However those on welfare get medicaid and at the slightest cough they are at the doctors office. She has also mentioned many times that many of them are dressed in brand name clothing, from expensive stores, while she works 8 hours everyday to buy her kids clothes from wal-marts. Does it bug her yes. Why? Wrong or right, it is like giving pearls to swine. She works hard to support her family and to pay her taxes and yet she sees frequently those who take that money and abuse it. It is like her sacrifice is worth nothing. Yes I know it is worth something to God which is the most important, so the other shouldn't matter. But we are human.

    Government welfare is too big to be overseen on a personal level. It makes broad sweeping rules, that don't take into effect that perhaps this person with a job, needs a little assistance till he can get the better paying job. No it says this is the cutoff, which encourages others to let others take care of them. I truly feel if the national government quit welfare it would be replaced by more local governments where it would be overseen better and be of more use. People as a whole are generous. However as long as national government controls it, there is not place for the others. In fact they are discouraged.

    I clearly believe we should help our neighbor. Feed the poor. But give a guy a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a guy to fish and eats every day. Or that's how I think the saying goes!