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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Companies that I can buy from or wear!

So I have been on this Fair trade kick for awhile-I really want to find clothing that I can wear and or support. Problem is there is really no such thing as a Fair Trade suit-Almost all men's work clothing is not Fair Trade, I find some shirts here and there but no decent pants-let me rephrase that-there are no real affordable church or work pants that are classified as Fair Trade. There are a quite a few companies here in the US that make and sell good stuff-usually if you find something that is Union Made, it is made some ethical standards.
 There are a few companies that have their own sets of ethics  and I can live within those rules-the companies I have researched and found to be very ethical are:
1. Levi-yeah! I can wear jeans and Dockers.
2. Wrangler-they are concerned about their oversea workers and have some standards in place.

Companies in the middle
1. Apple-they are trying to make it better and still feed the hunger for Apple products

companies that are not good are
1. D & C-it "simply does not interest them"
2. Dickies- surprise surprise
3.Nike and everything they own

this list is a work in progress-feel free to ask about a company and I will try to find out if they followe ethical procedures or are fair Trade.

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  1. Last night Shawn and I went out to an Ethiopian Restaurant for our Date, and you would be proud. We had drinks that were fair trade. As I read the label, I thought, Jeff would be proud.

    It was an interesting drink though, and I don't think I particularly liked it, so I probably won't get it again.