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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fair Trade is Good!

I am just going to try and keep it simple tonight-been studying a lot tonight about marketing in today's crazy market so hopefully you will see some positive changes in the next few weeks! Bottom line here is that buying Fair Trade is good for everyone involved. As a small business man I really like the bright colors, the well made products and the simple fast that the artisans are well paid for what they make long before it gets to me. This months listed item (shown above) is the Razor Cut Patchwork Cotton Backpack A lightweight colorful, every day use cotton backpack. Fair trade made in Nepal by women's co-op. Not a large backpack, measures approximately 15" high by 14" wide and 3" deep. There are 3 flap pockets on outside that measure 6" high by 5" wide. The pockets only have a flap closure. Main compartment has drawstring closure, with flap cover and wooden button. The interior is lined with thick black cotton. Shoulder straps are a bit thin, only 1.5" wide. Plastic adjustable buckles. No interior pockets. A six year old kid up to an adult can wear this colorful patchwork backpack. Only $29.95
  Check our website www.itsallfairtrade.com
 thanks and Jah Love all

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