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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple’s iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China - NYTimes.com

Although Apple is trying to become Fair Trade certified they have a very long way to go-I want to hear from you-Why don' t people care more about where their products are made??

Apple’s iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China - NYTimes.com

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  1. I think on a day to day basis we are so caught up in our own problems that we don't really take the time to think globally. For example on a small budget where I try to get as much for my dollar as I possibly can ( yet I know my small budget is nothing compared to yours, so I should care more) I buy generic. I shop at Walmart's where they add match. It as about convenience at well as price. I don't often think where those items are made or the people who made them.

    In return I think that corporations cater to their clients, and try to give them the best bang for their buck. Apple I don't get, because they are more expensive than most brands, so it seems they would have the money to pay the employees better and treat them better. But the more expensive the brand, the less broad the money base (generally).

    With everything else in my life trying to keep it all together on a day to day basis, I guess I am selfish, and I just don't look at the world wide picture. Not that that makes it right. It's just what it is. I also think for me a lot of fair trade items, are not day to day items, they are from disposable income. And when I am buying for disposable income, which isn't often to begin with (it isn't a week to week purchase) I again want the best bang (not necessarily value) for my buck. If takes a change of thinking.... and I don't think the rest of the world has gotten that change yet. We are still to selfish.