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Friday, March 30, 2012

Audit Finds That Foxconn Workers Are Laboring Under Crappy Conditions - The Consumerist

Audit Finds That Foxconn Workers Are Laboring Under Crappy Conditions - The Consumerist

it is still going on-No I don't know what the answer is but we should try to do better

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  1. This represent an interesting dilemma. Suppose the company only has so much money to pay the people. The workers are saying that they would rather have higher salaries and bonuses and training, rather than better working conditions or less hours. What do you do? Essentially this is sort of what is happening. The part about the workers is true. I suppose the company only does have so much money. The big problem is all of these people want to work. If we cut jobs so the ones that we keep have better working conditions we have people mad at us. They rely on us for their livelihood. If we leave it the same people are mad at us. We are inhumane. I think the solution takes a lot of thought and compromise. And sometimes even after that we aren't going to like the answer.

    It's funny how I came to this conclusion though. It had nothing to do with labor or work. Everything to do with the Holocaust. It was really interesting hearing stories about the people in the camps who just said bomb all of us and get it over with, so no one else can be hurt. Then there were those who said I couldn't wait for liberation and the day the troops came was the best of my life. Others who were sure had the US or allies done anything that Hitler would have made it even worse than it already was or sped things up even more, (hard to believe it could get worse) . So knowing what was happening what action should have been taking? Really difficult question. And since it is still going on in different parts of the world today with different races - what should we have learned and done. I don't think the questions have changed?

    Some answers seem really straight forward, but when you delve into all the aspects affecting them, it can be a very difficult thing to make changes.

    And none of that is saying I agree with slave labor.