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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apple's response

it is not just Apple

Tim Cook responds to claims of factory worker mistreatment: “We care about every worker in our supply chain” | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple’s iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China - NYTimes.com

Although Apple is trying to become Fair Trade certified they have a very long way to go-I want to hear from you-Why don' t people care more about where their products are made??

Apple’s iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China - NYTimes.com

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Syracuse Business Summit 1/19/12

Tomorrow nite, at the Syracuse City hall will be a Syracuse Business Summit. All Syracuseans are invited. All Business men and women should plan on attending and being a part of your future. It will begin around 6 PM and go until approximately 7:30 or so. There will be four speakers, Jamie Nagle (Syracuse Mayor), Craig Henderson (RC Willeys Operations manager), Jim Smith (Davis County Chamber of Commerce president) and Michelle Thompson (Executive Director of Local Utah First).
Following the speakers there will be light refreshments. If you are worried about the future of Syracuse and/or business growth this should be a must attend! thank you

Teresa's Custom Creations

Teresa's Custom Creations


15% off all fair Trade items!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to help: Slavery in the supply chain – The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery - CNN.com Blogs

How to help: Slavery in the supply chain – The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery - CNN.com Blogs

another big story on Fair Trade! Do you think your supporting Slavery by buying Non Fair Trade chocolate? let me know in your comments! Personally the best chocolate I have ever eaten is Fair Trade-A friend of mine makes and sells his own chocolate here he imports the Cacao from south America and makes his own-I love his Dark Bars I have been selling them for couple of years at Farmers Markets!

"Think Fair" - Apple becomes the world's first Fair Trade tech company - who's next? | ZDNet

"Think Fair" - Apple becomes the world's first Fair Trade tech company - who's next? | ZDNet

This is Huge in the Fair Trade world-sounds like Apple still has lots of problems and has an uphill battle to reach Fair Trade certification but they are trying-this should put the whole world on alert!! What do you think? Does it matter to you if your PC/Mac maker abuses it workers> at least by US standards?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Monster Spinach Smoothie - Iowa Girl Eats

Green Monster Spinach Smoothie - Iowa Girl Eats
Could you eat this?

Should I stay or should I go?

it's always tease tease tease... sorry-love that song-was just wondering if I should keep this blog on google or should I go over to word press-Seriously folks any ideas or suggestions? Gorgeous Day here today in the middle of our slow season. Sleepy Dogs and cats all over the place- 3 of each at the moment.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Take: How Thomas Jefferson’s secret Bible might have changed history – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

My Take: How Thomas Jefferson’s secret Bible might have changed history – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

My this is interesting-Thomas Jefferson did not believe a lot of the bible? He thought parts of it were authentic and morally true but not the rest-so he actually created his own bible by literally cutting and pasting the parts he believed. A founding Father--cutting up the Bible! Sacre Blue!

Bicycle Coffee Co. pedals fair-trade coffee

Bicycle Coffee Co. pedals fair-trade coffee

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My reply to drug testing for folks on Welfare

The point I am making is how does this help us be a more Christlike people-it does not it only forces us-hhmmmm who else wanted to force us?
btw it is all God's Money-why are you so concerned about how it is spent by people? is that not their Free agency? Do you wish to remove that from them? All the High Priests in my ward huff and puff about where the world is going and how Mitt is going to save the world from Obama care but not one of them will stop and help someone who needs it-I have heard it said, well that is why we have the Church welfare system-like that is supposed to alleviate our personal responsibility to take care of our fellow man.
You think I don't understand economics or something? Of course it takes taxes to help these people-if you really want to stop contributing to these 'the least of these, my brethren" then move to a third world country. When the 12 disciples saw the blind man, they asked the savior "who sinned here?"-assuming of course if we can see the sin then we can lay blame. Stop looking to lay blame, help those people and start acting like a Mormon and Christians. No wonder people don't think we are Christians-we don't act like our Savior unless it helps our pocketbook?-oh mercy me!

When we do cross the veil and we have a final PPI with our Saviour who ALREADY paid all our taxes-do you really think he is going to ask what we did for a living and if we got enough funding as an entrepreneur? No he is going to ask how we treated our Loved ones and how we treated our fellow man-what are you going to say,,, well I didn't want to help anyone on welfare because I was afraid it was going to make me pay more taxes?? Let what belongs to Caeser belong to Caeser! I am going to stop following this thread now because it is getting my Dander up and that is the realm of Satan so good luck all-I am going to post this on my blog., http://goodharveydog.blogspot.com/

Monday, January 9, 2012


Extremely frustrated to nite with our ISP- I guess we either need to switch from Ipower or learn HTML. All I am trying to do is add some Pay Pal shopping carts. Ipower tells me that to do that I need to upload the shopping carts via File manager and then just hyper link to them. WHAT?? first of all do I Upload the shopping carts as .docs. or text files or what? and then I can understand how to set up a hyperlink but a link to just a document?? how is the shopping cart going to show up?? I am so confused right now,,,  oh and I have talked with at least five different people from Tech support since Saturday and this evenings Mr helper (or I should say Mrs. Helper) finally told me that you cannot publish the HTML code through the cheapass web design program (CM4all) and remember I am paying for what is called the e-commerce version.... any ideas out there people? All I want to do is let people buy stuff from my website...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real Deal here

Buy anything Fair Trade from our website www.itsallfairtrade.com for 30% off of listed price. Get a V-Bag for $28 down from $39.95 DEAL DEAL DEAL

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Arguements over meaning of Fair Trade chocolate

Nothing embodies fair trade quite like a chocolate bar. It's fitting, then, that it's become the reference point in the debate that's threatening to split the fair trade movement.
Fair Trade USA, the country's largest certifier of fair trade products, recently announced certification changes that put it at odds with Fairtrade International, the global standards organization for fair trade, as well as numerous advocacy groups. Both sides share the chocolate example.
“We asked [FTUSA] if the changes to the commercial availability requirement mean a fair trade chocolate bar could be made without fair trade cocoa, and they said technically yes,” explained Ryan Zinn, campaign director with the Fair World Project, a watchdog organization that's part of the Organic Consumers Association. “That's a big problem.”
FTUSA, in response, said it will work with companies once they're certified to transition all their ingredients to fair trade.
“If you're a chocolate bar company that moves to have your cocoa fair trade certified, great, we're with you,” said Stacy Wagner, a spokeswoman for the organization. “But if you can't certify your sugar right now because it makes the chocolate bar go from $1 to $3, then we will work with you to continue to support that cocoa until the sugar becomes commercially available.”
The chocolate meltdown could cool off this month. After the initial outcry from the fair trade community, FTUSA said it would reevaluate the new standards and issue a final ruling on Dec. 1.

by Jeff Wells in Supermarket News Nov. 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SBOSS sponsers Business summit on january 19 at City hall

The theme for the eveining is Buy Local buy Syracuse- there are 3 different speakers slated including Jamie Nagle-Our own Mayor! We need to figure out someway to get people from Syracuse to buy Syracuse! We need more sit down restaurants!
What else do you think we need here in town?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Is Microlending really worth it?

interesting article from the NY times from earlier this year
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/world/14microfinance.html Microfinace loans are very expensive

Fair Trade is Good!

I am just going to try and keep it simple tonight-been studying a lot tonight about marketing in today's crazy market so hopefully you will see some positive changes in the next few weeks! Bottom line here is that buying Fair Trade is good for everyone involved. As a small business man I really like the bright colors, the well made products and the simple fast that the artisans are well paid for what they make long before it gets to me. This months listed item (shown above) is the Razor Cut Patchwork Cotton Backpack A lightweight colorful, every day use cotton backpack. Fair trade made in Nepal by women's co-op. Not a large backpack, measures approximately 15" high by 14" wide and 3" deep. There are 3 flap pockets on outside that measure 6" high by 5" wide. The pockets only have a flap closure. Main compartment has drawstring closure, with flap cover and wooden button. The interior is lined with thick black cotton. Shoulder straps are a bit thin, only 1.5" wide. Plastic adjustable buckles. No interior pockets. A six year old kid up to an adult can wear this colorful patchwork backpack. Only $29.95
  Check our website www.itsallfairtrade.com
 thanks and Jah Love all